Top 5 Favorite Pittsburgh Businesses of the Month

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1. Meat & Potatoes. With an eclectic, simple menu with creative takes on classic American fare, plus a fun atmosphere you can’t go wrong here. Steak, pork chops, roasted chicken, pot roast…I’m sent straight back to my childhood! Not only is the food at Meat & Potatoes off the charts, but their unique libations honoring Prohibition and the Repeal are to die for! My favorite things about this place are the pot roast, the Root to Berry cocktail, the fact that they have the most scrumptious brunch in the city, AND that they have outdoor seating. 

2. Mister Grooming & Goods. Calling all the men out there: you may think you’ve had a cut and a shave, but you’d be wrong. I guarantee you have not had the cut and shave experience you get at Mister! From the seriously cool interior to the uber-talented stylists, to the experience while you’re there, I am telling you that this is a must-stop in one of our most fun neighborhoods, Lawrenceville. My favorite thing about this place is that you’re instantly offered a beer as soon as you sit down. What more could you ask for??

3. Von Walter & Funk. I don’t even know where to begin here. Von Walter & Funk is one of the most interesting and unique stores I’ve been in, in al of Pittsburgh. It’s that kind of store that you wander with amazement because it is filled to the ceiling with the most eclectic and unique items you never even knew you wanted or needed until you stepped into their doors. Gifts, balloon creations, luxury soaps and lotions, greeting cards, home decor…it’s simply endless. My favorite 2 things about this place are all the retro barware they have for sale, and they have an entire wall of greetings cards that use all of my favorite swear words in the most fun ways.

4. The Beauty Shoppe. I know you would have no idea from the name, but The Beauty Shoppe is actually a collection of Pittsburgh finest co-working spaces spread out over a few of the coolest neighborhoods. Co-working spaces are becoming such an “it” thing but what I love about The Beauty Shoppe is that they made sure to take the extra step of choosing the most awesome spaces that show off the architecture that Pittsburgh is so well known for. With locations in East Liberty, the South Side, Lawrenceville, and downtown Pittsburgh, there’s a spot for everyone. My favorite thing about The Beauty Shoppe, along with their great care of visually stimulating decor, is their customer service and attention to detail for comforts and luxuries. These kinds of things are much appreciated when your workspace kinda also becomes your home space at times.

5. Fountain of Youth Salon & Spa. This place is exactly where you need to after a long day’s work where you can unwind and engage in some serious pampering. They offer all the yummy hair services you could ever want, plus equally, delectable spa services to round out your appointment. In addition to their top-notch service, I love that this place knows what it takes to make the inside of their space aesthetically pleasing so you really feel like you’re spa-ing. From a gal that is a regular at spa-ing, this is deeply appreciated!

What are your favorite spots in the 'Burgh?





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