Pittsburgh: a City Known for its Heart

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There’s a reason Pittsburgh is known as one of the most livable cities in the United States. In fact, there are countless reasons. Though those reasons include affordability, family-friendliness,  a thriving art scene, and some of the country’s best hospitals and colleges/universities, I think my favorite reason to be a proud native of this great city is it’s hometown appeal and culture of community cohesiveness.

We help when we see those in need. We get to know our neighbors and care about your communities and youth. We work hard to improve the overall livability of our neighborhoods, and we are committed to health and wellness more than ever before.

I remember when the downtown area was only for the 9-5’ers; a complete ghost town after hours and no one to be seen on the weekends. Now, we have a bustling cultural district with an arts community that stands on its own. Every time I turn around twice there is a new restaurant, an outdoor eatery or bar, and so many family-friendly weekend activities you couldn’t stay away from the city if you tried, even during this pandemic!

The housing market has also boomed like crazy and the once-sleepy urban neighborhoods of the past are now overflowing with life, culture, and so much to do and take in. Even the young, which only ever moved out of Pittsburgh, are now flooding back in because of the affordable housing, job growth, and educational opportunities. But the number one reason they stay or come back? To raise a family, and that goes to show you the true heart of this city.

New bike lanes popping up everyday, shopping districts getting makeovers that appeal to all ages and interests, eats for even the most diverse foodies, yet a loving grip remains on the history and old-world culture of this lovely town. Every year you have your pick of cultural festivals and fairs to attend, neighborhood and city-wide park festivities, museums and landmarks to take in, or you can simply take advantage of free tours to learn and revisit the city’s vast history.

Sure, there are countless tangible reasons to live in Pittsburgh, but it’s the downright human kindness of ‘Burghers that will always fill this gal’s heart with all I ever need to know about this city.




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