I'm a Little Out of Sorts

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Is it just me or are you walking around all kinds of out of sorts too?? The other day it dawned on me how smooth everything is going in my life right now. The kids are doing great. The career is chugging along. My relationships are enjoyable and healthy. Yet, I feel completely off. You too? Yeah…I think I can pinpoint this for you.

I think we are all underestimating how much the world is in a state of unrest right now, and with that, how much it is affecting all of us individually. Not only are we dealing with a global pandemic, but we are living through the aftermath of the most nail-biting election of all time. I think I can say with a decent level of certainty that this election is more emotionally-charged than any other election I’ve ever voted in. 

The point is, if you’re like me and feeling pretty good one minute and all kinds of restless and crawling out of your skin the next, remember to take it easy on yourself. The human condition’s ease with sliding into a new normal is both a blessing and a curse. Thank goodness we’re all adapting. Yet, at the same time, I think we forget to honor the shifts in the collective world-experience that is going on and will be going on for longer than I think we all care to consider.

On those good days, remember to share your smiles. On your bad days, remember we’re all in this together.






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