Fall is a Time for Home AND Self Care

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Fall is a time of release and renewal. This isn't just for your home; it's actually a great time for us humans living in our lovely homes to take some time to reflect on what we want to release for the remainder of this year and what we want to bring in and renew for the new year. Taking care of yourself is always important, no matter what time of year, but the Autumn season is a particularly good time for reflection and self-care. Treat yourself to some new beauty and bath products, buy a new journal, start taking longer walks, and consider giving yourself the gift of a nourishing morning routine.

This goes for your home too. Fall is a delicious time to treat the home that protects you and your family and gives you comfort and safety to some love. Just like we humans like to hunker down for the cold months, so do homes. Make sure to clean or replace your gutters, check your smoke alarms, clean those chimneys, get your heating equipment checked, and trim your trees before the harsh weather sets in. Don't forget about some extra love like a really good cleaning and a really good cleaning out. As I said, fall is a great time for releasing the old and that includes that storage room you can't even walk through or the cabinets holding items you haven't used in years. 

You can't bring in the new without releasing the old. Make space in your life and your home so that when all the goodness comes you have room for it.




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