Don't Skimp on the Comfort of Your Home Right Now

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So…how are you doing? I’m not sure if I ask this question more more than I’m asked this question. It’s a very strange time in the world right now and it’s looking like things are only going to get more complicated as the election results trickle in and the cold weather descends upon us.

It’s been a rough start to this year and being homebound a bunch more has been both wonderful and enough to make me want to rip my hair out. Recently, I realized I was so bored with my home, and me in it, I knew I had to do something about it. I knew I didn’t want to spend a lot of money, but I also wanted to make include some creature comforts so here are some tips on how you can make your home a place you don’t mind spending more time in.

1. Create comfy nooks. I took an old IKEA chest with a drawer and placed it under a window in my hallway and attached fluffy cushions to the top with velcro, tossed a few pillows and a warm throw on top for good measure and a voila! A reading nook out of nowhere appeared. I also removed the door from a small closet in our spare bedroom which rarely gets used, and created a meditation nook for those moments a few breaths can do me and those around me some good.

2. Update your throw pillows. This may seem small but you and I both know how instantly a room changes when you change the color of accent pieces. There’s no need to buy all new pillows. You can save money by purchasing throw pillow cases on sites like Amazon.
Add some foliage. I love me some flowers and foliage and winter is certainly a time when color is necessary and having something around you that is also alive just makes you feel not so alone. As much as I love the convenience of store-bought arrangements, foraging for my own foliage is a new love of mine. The walking is so refreshing and collecting what is already on the ground or by a quick snip is cheap and fun. 

3. Claim your space. Since my family has been home so much more, I noticed that we each sort of claimed a space in our family room. More and more, those spaces have started to include our own individual creature comforts and it’s like a little slice of heaven. My space has my favorite throw blanket, a special and beloved Vogue coaster for my evening tea, the most comfortable pillows, just the right wattage bulb in the lamp on the stand next to me, and I even placed a basket near the stand on the floor to hold the current books I’m reading and my journal with pens.

4. Take some time for yourself. This may not be an update to your home, but it’s an important thing to include while you’re cooped up in your home. Everyone needs a little “me” time and planning ahead is the key. Not only plan ahead with activities you know and love to do, but plan ahead by making sure the family knows ahead of time that on certain days and times, you’re busy and not to be disturbed.

Little changes in your environment can make all the difference in your home experience through this winter season. I say sanity is the best defense and if all it takes is a wee bit of putting some extra comforts into my home, I’m all in.






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