Celebrating Valentine's Day At Home

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Sure, you can let a little thing like a pandemic get in way of romance, but why would you do that?? If we Americans have learned nothing else over the last year, we have certainly learned how to persevere and get creative about still enjoying life. Who’s with me??

I’m not sure why going out for Valentine’s Day ever became a “thing” but if you’re like me, waiting in line in a crowd for your name to be called so that you can be sandwiched in between other couples while doing your best to read the lips of your mate because it’s so loud in the restaurant just does not scream romance. The food is always so-so, you’re rushed out so maximum bucks can be made, all while charging you exorbitant fees for what is typically a lackluster experience.

What if you could enjoy a romantic holiday with your loved one (or loved onesssss….I don’t judge) in an intimate, comfy environment with no time limit, no reservation, no overpriced yet underwhelming meal and all without leaving the comfort of your home? Yep—s’what I’m talking about. Just in case you need a few ideas, here you go.

1. Cook a romantic meal together while watching a YouTube cooking tutorial teaching you to cook something you both always wanted to try. Complete your experience with a wine flight during your culinary escapade to up the ante. Complete your dinner with candlelight and some slow dancing.

2. Create a decadent oasis of pillows and blankets all around the coffee table and line up all the fun games that will keep you rolling through the night. Strip poker is absolutely not out of the question here.

3. Create that same environment without the coffee table, add some string lights, popcorn and favorite candies and settle in for a movie night.

4. Blankets and pillows not enough for you? If you have room pitch a tent and have a camping night. Cover the ceiling with twinkle lights and do some “star” gazing.

5. Make it a spa night complete with a romantic bath or shower for two, topped off with  giving each other a hot oil massage. Oh yeah…

6. How about breakfast in bed for dinner? Don’t forget to the PJ’s (or not…just saying)

7. If have more energy than you know what you do with, put that to good use and create a romantic scavenger hunt.

8. Chuck all the hard work and order takeout to be eaten by candle light while watching your favorite rom com.

9. If you’re still not into the whole big dinner idea, get all dressed up and have a fun and sexy happy hour with appetizers and tequila flights, or take it up a notch and create a cocktail station where you can take turns bartending for each other.

10. Sex. Just…sex. C’mon…now that's a good one.





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